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October 26, 2016



What factors or conditions led to the rise of a style of radio that put music and DJs (and later talk radio hosts) at the center? What kind of radio did it replace? How was radio adapting in this period to the way Television had changed the "media environment"? What, according to our texts and the quotes given, did this kind of radio tap into for its appeal? Why did the DJ become a kind of "hero" figure during this era?

Grade: 2

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Media Ecology Quote of the Day

  • “Americans no longer talk to each other, they entertain each other. They do not exchange ideas, they exchange images. They do not argue with propositions; they argue with good looks, celebrities and commercials. . . . When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people become an audience, and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk; culture-death is a clear possibility. ― Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

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