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September 08, 2016


Dr. M


Good job. I agree that the "Lord" in the title refers to mankind's "special" nature, the qualities of mind and communication and action that distinguish it from other species. This she connects with the old biblical idea that man is given special powers by God (language, reason) as well as "dominion over" all other creatures. He an "earthly lord" (small L) over his "subjects." As you write, "it is in referring to man's ability to make symbols have multiple and diverse meanings." It is interesting that you stress the "multiple and diverse" possible meanings of symbols as key. You are correct and the S.I. Hayakawa reading for Tuesday will go into more details about why this is so. Symbolic communication is ultimately predicated on the arbitrariness of signifiers an their relationship to signified. In symbolic communication, a symbol must be perceived as "unnatural" (not "naturally tied to its meaning) in order to work and to open up the vastly important dimension of symbolic communication. It's counter-intuitive at first, but once you get it, it makes sense. Pay special attention to his example of the Chimp dealing with the traffic light. The whole idea is there!

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