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September 08, 2016


Kristy Campbell

I thought the video clip was a little wild...quite in tense. I was a bit confused though in the piece that we read she was deaf and blind...does the video depict her as just blind? I almost sensed she was hearing the teacher speak. I will admit, I don't think I could have watched an entire movie of this...whew...

Dr. Martinek


These are excellent questions. I think it's pretty clear that the film version takes serious liberties with the facts in order to make for a more dramatic film. Keller's autobiography fragment never suggests that she could either hear or speak. You are absolutely right to point this out. I suppose we have to think in terms of the film medium. If you are making a film, it's difficult to create drama based on finger spelling. So you "cheat" a bit and make Keller's discovery of language a matter of "finding her voice." In reality, as I understand it, Keller's ability to use her voice came only much later, after much effort. But this definitely makes for a dramatic movie scene, right?

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